Cass McCombs Love Field Point Reyes Station July 6, 2019

Drive through some forests and windy-ass roads wooded with Redwoods, park on the side of a road precariously close to a drainage ditch, watch Marin hippie chicks park vintage Mercedes coupes in the bushes. Chill through Hand Habits and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott just in time for the food truck to close and for the sun to go down and the wind pick up.

Good thing Cass played some oldies!! And good thing he played some newbies??

I didn’t catch who was on drums (a guy with long dark hair), but Noga Shefi continued from the European tour dates on bass, and Frank LoCrasto faithfully served on keyboards (I regretted to miss his opening set in support of his new solo album, Lost Dispatch!).

It was interesting to see the set-list tailored to the audience (there was definitely more of a deadhead vibe), and the set-list was a clear departure from the Tip of the Sphere supporting dates earlier this year. I think Cass knew there was going to be some old fans and some old idols in audience, and he gave us what we wanted.


  • Rounder

  • Bum bum bum

  • Angel blood

  • I followed the river south to what

  • My master (yes!!!)

  • Laughter is the best Medicine

  • Prayer for another day (but sounds like it is mixed with something else, older, or dream girl?)

  • Unknown song (w female accompaniment) (one step forward two steps back) (second clip below)

  • Home on the range (more deadheaded out)

  • Burning of the temple

  • Big wheel

  • Unknown song - New song? (third clip below)

  • Sleeping Volcanoes

  • County line

  • Bury Mary!!!!

Help me identify these songs!