2019 and I'm Feeling Fine

One year ago today I started my job at Santa Clara University and in less than two weeks I’ll be off to my first vacation (other than the holidays) since starting. Spring Break Pacific Northwest Tour 2019! Keep your eyes on this space to follow my groupie embodiment, à la deadheads and phishheads, as I catch as many west coast tour dates of the Cass McCombs Tip of the Sphere tour 2019 as possible: Vancouver, British Columbia; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles, California; Santa Cruz, California; and San Francisco, California.

In this moment it seems comparable to the joy I felt tromping around the quiet streets of Santa Clara blasting the new album in my wireless headphones earlier this evening, but it will surely surpass even tonight’s euphoria.

Could 2019 be… the best year yet?