Itinerary Spring Break / Cass McCombs 2019 Tour

Tomorrow I fly out of San Jose International Airport to Portland to start my spring break vacation. Monday I’m driving to Vancouver, BC to catch the first of six Cass McCombs tour dates for his Tip of the Sphere 2019 tour. Seattle follows Vancouver on March 26, and Portland on March 27. On Friday I fly to L.A. and I’m catching the Hollywood show with my dad (not the first time my dad has accompanied me to see CM… he was also there that fateful night at the Eagle Rock Community Center in 2011).

The following week, the first of April, I’m back to work but driving down to Santa Cruz Thursday night to see the show at Moe’s Alley. The whole affair ends Friday, April 5 at the Fillmore in San Francisco. The last tour date.

Minus Sacramento and Santa Barbara, I’m planning on catching all the west coast tour dates.

There is a term for Grateful Dead fans that follow the band on tour, and a similar term for Phish fans. What do you call me? CM himself pointed out the Grateful Dead are a band for dancing… people follow them on tour, do psychedelics, and dance (…rather strangely imho). Considering CM’s history of jamming with Phil Lesh and co. at Terrapin Crossroads, and his side project the Skiffle Players, I feel totally legitimate in the artifice of my trip’s purpose… I’m just a person on a mission to find a release of luxurious imagination through ritual and repetition.

For now however… it’s time for my nightly haunt around the wide, quiet streets of Santa Clara.